Koelf Callus Care Elbow Patch

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Koelf Callus Care Elbow Patch 

Koelf Callus Care Elbow Patch is a hydrogel patch for dry elbows. The product contains Urea and Papain gently helping calluses dissolve. Nutrients providing intense moisture into rough and crack calluses and it helps create a protective layer over the skin to ensure the skin is soft and silky.



Water, glycerin, urea, propanediol, sodium polyacrylate, cellulose gum, mica (terra alba), glyceryl caprylate, tartic acid, p-anisic acid, aluminum glycinate, salicylic acid, sucralose, opuntia coccinelifera flower extract, fructose, disodium edta, ascorbic acid, papain, sodium hyaluronate, citric acid, curcuma longa(turmeric) root extract, glycolic acid, dimethicone


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