PURITO From Green Cleansing Oil 200ml

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Gentle and clean with five essential oils derived from nature

This product is a gentle, low foaming and soothing cleansing oil that contains only healthy natural oils, as opposed to aggressive synthetic oils. The cleansing oil thoroughly, but gently, removes sun cream and thick makeup from the skin. Containing nothing else but the core ingredients and five different rich and nourishing essential oils, the cleansing oil allows you to cleanse your face without any skin or eye irritation. The hydrophilic essential oils emulsify perfectly, gently melting any makeup, along with impurities and sebum, that are deep in the facial pores.

*What is emulsification?

When water is added to cleansing oil, the cleansing oil becomes a milky substance. This process is called emulsification. It refers to a phenomenon where the cleansing oil penetrates into the pores and combines with water, attaining a density that is lighter than oil and pushes out the impurities.

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